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Energia makes investing in cash flowing oil and gas wells easy. Our platform gives investors access to curated packages of fractionalized oil and natural gas wells and the latest energy investing insights for an efficient and transparent investing experience.

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Sophisticated investors use oil and natural gas investments to diversify their portfolios, mitigate against inflation, and add additional streams of income. The Energia platform gives individuals the same power to grow their wealth.

Fractional Ownership

Passive Income

Hedge Against Inflation

Gain fractional ownership in proven assets
with attractive cash flows.

Gain Unprecedented Energy Investing Insights

See for yourself, use our platform to make better investing decision.

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Step Up Your Investing Game

Invest like a pro. Get exclusive access to energy investments previously only available to institutional investors.

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Fallingwater Energy Income


Subscription Date:
Min. Investment:
Target Offering Size:
$21 M
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Lake Charles Energy Income


Subscription Date:
Min. Investment:
Target Offering Size:
$21 M
Battery Storage
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No hidden fees, no surprises. Start investing today with as little as $10,000.

Enhanced Investment Performance With AI

Invest in energy with the power of AI, utilizing advanced data analytics techniques to help you make better investment decisions.

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