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Nov. 19, 2021–– This new report by Pemex-watcher George Baker shows how the state-owned company will avoid financial liability for any future safety or environmental incident at the 340,000 barrel/day refinery located in the City of Deer Park, 20 miles east of downtown Houston. The report, “PMI as General Partner at Deer Park,” asks, who’s responsible for the cost of an accident? An ownership chart shows that Pemex, a government agency that operates as a hybrid commercial enterprise, will be twice-removed from the ownership of the refinery.

Shell sale to Pemex of Deer Park refinery awaits US approval

June 29, 2021 –– This report (MEI 939) asks about the nature of the public interest in the energy sector. It identifies concerns about how the public interest is overseen and affected by public and private institutions in energy markets in the United States and Mexico, taking as examples Pemex’s proposed operatorship of the refinery in Deer Park, Texas, and the suspended development of the offshore Zama reservoir in Mexico. One of the conclusions of this report is that the public interest would not be served by Pemex in the role of operator of the Deer Park Refinery.

Stop the Pemex buyout of the Deer Park refinery, advises Mexico Energy Intelligence™, citing risks (bilingual text)(einpresswire.com)

May 3, 2021. A report (PPP 10070), “Rethinking Mexico’s Oil and Gas Potential.” The report offers a counter-narrative to the one that is being promoted by federal authorities in Mexico. The year 1958 is seen as more important than 1938 for the development of Mexico’s oil industry. The discussion (complemented by Table 1, a chronology) retraces key events in the legal history of Mexico’s oil industry.

New report by Houston oil market analyst reinterprets Mexico’s legal history & oil and gas potential: A counternarrative (einpresswire.com)

March 31, 2021. A translation of the article published in The Houston Chronicle on March 15 about the backstory of the electricity blackouts in north-central Mexico on February 15, 2021

Por qué millones de residentes en el centro-norte de México se congelaron el 15 de febrero (einpresswire.com)

March 29, 2021. A discussion of the fragile state of the Mexican judiciary. Identifies Chief Justice Arturo Zaldivar as having an important role in constitutional questions that will come before the court.

Mexican judges in the spotlight: From district judges to the chief justice (einpresswire.com)

March 26, 2021. Comments on Mexican judges like Juan Pablo Gómez Fierro, who have upheld the constitution in the face of criticism by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Jueces mexicanos en la mira: Un vistazo de la actualidad (einpresswire.com)

Read About George Baker and download his CV.

NewsDoc™ Archive: Source Documents on Mexicos’ energy sector

Our digital archive of primary documents on Mexico’s oil and electricity industries is the work of more than 25 years. We donated a hundred linear feet of printed materials to the University of Houston Special Collections Library several years ago.

The data files exceed 100 GB. Some of these documents, once in the public domain, are no longer accessible in their original locations online.

In addition to these institutional documents, there are reports that we have prepared in the series “Public Policy Perspectives” that are intended as a public service for a wide readership.

These documents and reports are individually available in exchange for a donation, funds from which will support, first, our associates in Mexico and their families who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and, second, our platform of market-oriented research, reporting, and outreach.

Aug 04 (Doc. ID 9294) Critical textual examination of the “memorandum” distributed on August 4, purporting to be a communication from President López Obrador.

Aug 17 (Doc. ID 9295) Energy policy proposals and objectives in the memorandum distributed August 4, sorted by category.

Jul 22 (Doc. ID 9298) AMLO Memorandum to energy regulators (English).

For the 2nd half of his six-year term (2018-24), President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has articulated the outline of a vision of how to reorient Mexico’s energy sector. He discerns that Mexico’s national interest is best served when the government-owned oil and power companies are repositioned, center-stage, in their respective markets. In an event held in the National Palace on July 22, 2020, at which the leadership cadres of public institutions in the energy sector were in attendance, the president called on the energy regulators to opine—yes or no—as to the enforceability of his 17-point energy program within the existing constitutional, legal, and regulatory frameworks.

With the collaboration of GlobalSpeak Translations, a Houston-based firm focused on the energy sector, we prepared a translation into English of the president’s vision of an energy program and his special requests to energy regulators.

The translation is available via download in exchange for a donation.

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To purchase a corporate copy, contact us at info@energia.com or call: (832) 434-3928.

May 24 (Doc. ID 9296) Our proposal to create a 2nd national oil company in Mexico.

To purchase a corporate copy, contact us at info@energia.com or call: (832) 434-3928.

Mar 30 (Doc. ID 9297) “Diagnóstico: Situación de Pemex.” a 129-page report issued by SENER and PEMEX to motivate the 2008 Energy Reform. Bookmarks in English by Mexico Energy Intelligence™.

To purchase a corporate copy, contact us at info@energia.com or call: (832) 434-3928.


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