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Learn about Mexico’s SE Oil & Gas Basin: Interview with Geologist Vic Abidie. Read introductory pages (HTML).

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Mexico Energy Intelligence (MEI) Reports

API raises yellow card

(HOUSTON, June 22, 2020, MEI Market Note 103) -- THREE WEEKS IN ADVANCE of the date when the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) is scheduled to ...
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Transparency Gap In The CNH

(HOUSTON, May 27, 2020, Market Note 248) -- IN DECEMBER OF 2018, the CIDE noted an asymetry in CNH reporting. READ PAGES ON MOBILE DEVICE ...
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A Rule of Law in Mexico’s Energy Sector

(HOUSTON, June 17, 2020, MEI 911) -- IN MANY STREETS AROUND THE WORLD today the rule of law is questioned and defied as populations grapple ...
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Mexico’s Energy Reform at Year Six

(Houston, February 25, 2020, MEI 907) -- Everyone, it seems, is frustrated by the results to date of Mexico's Energy Reform of 2013-14. The President ...
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Talos Comment 097

(Houston, Feburary 14, 2020, Talos Comment 097) -- This report is the complement to Market Comment 095, which provided a chronological narrative of the history ...
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Pemex Quits Exploration In Deepwater

(HOUSTON, JUNE 3, 2020, Market Comment 101) -- This report asks about how Mexico's National Hydrocarbon Commission (CNH) should respond to the statements by executives ...
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