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Energy Reform As PRI Franchise: Looking for the long term

Major changes in energy policy in Mexico have always taken place during PRI administrations. This report asks about how the energy reform package of 2013-15 may be understood as a PRI work-product, that is, as measures that are influenced by PRI’s ideology and seven-decade experience of governing Mexico in the 20th century. The report sees that experience as a factor that negatively influenced the extent of the reform. The report speculates about the shape of a future energy reform that will go beyond traditional PRI constraints.




MEI 809.1 — Seeking Synergy in Perdido: Pemex offers too little, too late

This report (MEI 809) was finished on June 5. Its purpose was to identify contract models that could serve for IOC partnerships in Pemex’s blocks, with special reference to blocks that might auctioned in tandem with those in Round 1.4, scheduled for December 5, 2016.




Restructuring Mexico’s Electricity Market: Origin and Outlook

This report takes a fresh look at the origin and policy goals of the electricity reforms in Mexico. Just as the Electricity Act of 1992 sought to correct unintended consequences of the nationalization in 1960; so too the electricity package of 2013-15 seeks to correct unintended negative consequences of the 1992 regime.




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  2. LEXICAL DATABASE OF MEXICO’S ENERGY SECTOR. Beginning in 2014, the new energy legislation of Mexico introduced hundreds of new terms and redefined many others. Some of these terms are not yet legally defined, such as Empresa Productiva del Estado. The database, with upwards of 2000 terms, permits customized glossaries, such as the Bilingual Glossary of Mexico’s Power Industry (prepared for the Gulf Coast Power Association for its Mexico City conference held on May 2, 2016.).

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  3. WORKSHOPS ON BILINGUAL PROFICIENCY FOR ENERGY PROFESSIONALSWorkshops on Advanced English Proficiency have been held in Mexico in the private sector and in several government agencies, including CNH, CRE, Pemex and IMP.

    As an introduction to these workshops, we have prepared a video series. Drawing on linguistic theory and decades of listening to native Spanish speakers speak English, and native English speakers speak Spanish, these videos offer a fresh look at the challenges of bilingual proficiency.

    Speakers of a 2nd language may go for decades without accurately hearing that language. With the help of linguistics, once the Mind is taught what to listen for, then the Ear begins to hear. Finally, when the Ear hears, the Vocal Cavity will echo what is heard in speech. Counter-intuitively, the starting point for learning to speak another language is to be found in understanding the phonological expectations of one’s native tongue.

    Videos based on “The Thinking Person’s Guide to 2nd Language Acquisition.”

    Watch Video #1

    What are common issues in 2nd language acquisition? Who do native Spanish speakers say /es.treet/ and /es.top/? The fluid mechanics of language. The intervocalic consonant.

    Watch Video #2

    The secret for knowing how to say Marco in English. The challenge of unfamiliar blended consonants in English.

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