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ENERGIA.COM is a public venue for commercial and public-interest reports, interviews with stakeholders and observers, and documentation bearing on the energy sectors of Mexico, the U.S. and Cuba.

Mexico Energy Intelligence®

MEXICO ENERGY INTELLIGENCE® (MEI) is a commercial and policy advisory service offered by BAKER & ASSOCIATES, ENERGY CONSULTANTS, a management consultancy based in Houston. MEI reports seek to build bridges between the global energy conversation in Houston and the national conversation in Mexico. Our reports examine policy, institutional, regulatory, and cultural issues in Mexico’s energy sector and its global ecosystem. Safety in offshore operations is of special concern. Reports are distributed principally on a paid, subscription basis. Corporate, University and Student subscription plans are available.

Our reports seek to measure developments in Mexico against global standards of an open market.

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Mexico’s Energy Sector is not only a topic for analysis and reporting; it is also a global community of people from several dozen countries who have a professional interest in staying informed about current developments and underlying issues related to commerce, investment, law and regulation. It is, therefore, as important to meet people, and exchange ideas, impressions and concerns, as it is to study data and prepare reports.

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Report Titles

Our report titles on Mexico’s energy sector have been sorted by topic: Pemex, CFE and government institutions, among many others. Each of these topics is represented by a tile on the bookshelf below. To view a topic, click on its tile. To move to other shelves, click the + symbol on the bookcase.

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Public Policy Perspectives

Public Policy Perspectives are issued periodically, in English or in Spanish, as a public service with the aim of inviting fresh discussion of matters of law, policy, regulation and corporate governance. View each title by clicking on the PDF link. Read and Download Our Report Title Lists.

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June 17, 2014Public Policy Perspective No. 10031 - Permitting U.S. LNG exports to non-FTA countries — This report examines an imbroglio in official Washington regarding the process for granting export permits for LNG exports to countries with which the U.S. does not have a Free Trade Agreement (non-FTAs). PDF iconNo. 10031
May 31, 2014Public Policy Perspective No. 10030 - Benchmarking Public Tenders in Mexico. The current system of public-sector procurement came about in two laws that were promulgated on January 4, 2000...PDF iconNo. 10030
August 26, 2013Public Policy Perspective No. 10027 — Each of Mexico's three main political parties has released its framework for energy reform. These frameworks are more alike than they are different: they all seek their legitimacy from a correct reading of Mexico’s legal, political and ideological past.PDF iconNo. 10027
August 9, 2013Public Policy Perspective No. 10026 (August 7, 2013; revised August 9, 2013) — Questions to Ask About Enrique Peña Nieto's Energy Reform Proposal.PDF iconNo. 10026
January 16, 2013Public Policy Perspective No. 10025 — The Mexican Government's Offshore Entities in the Oil Sector. This report provides an overview of Pemex’s network of offshore companies, indicating benefits, criticism as well as potential harm to Pemex and the public interest if market governance and oversight are inadequate.PDF iconNo. 10025
September 4, 2012Public Policy Perspective No. 10024 — The Mexican Controversy About PMI. Provides an overview of both sides of the argument about Pemex’s offshore network of companies. PDF icon No. 10024
July 23, 2012Public Policy Perspective No. 10023 — LPG Interests and the Elections. Natural gas offers superior value even when its BTU price is higher.PDF icon No. 10023
June 28, 2012Public Policy Perspective No. 10022 — Mexican Spring: Notes on Mexican Presidential Cycles.PDF icon No. 10022
May 11, 2012Public Policy Perspective 10021 — CNH 2.0 – Next congress must rewrite the charter and mandate of the National Hydrocarbons Commission. PDF icon No. 10021
October 25, 2011Public Policy Perspective No. 10019 — Qui Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Over‐reached by auditors against key Pemex staff (Spanish text).PDF icon No. 10019
October 25, 2011Public Policy Perspective No. 10018 — Global Oil Industry Puzzled by Pemex Exec Sanctions. Auditors lacked knowledge of commodity market trades.PDF icon No. 10018
March 16, 2006Public Policy Perspective No. 10013 — Las políticas de petróleo y gas en México. A briefing paper for the next government.PDF icon No. 10013
January 19, 2006Public Policy Perspective No. 10014 — Rethinking Oil Policy in Mexico. Discussion of industry, institutional and policy issues.PDF icon No. 10014