President Lopez Obrador at Six Months

Reinventing the Office of the President of Mexico (MEI 897, Houston, May 29, 2019) This report addresses two broad questions: During the first six months of the López Obrador administration, how has the national interest been served? In parallel, is the Mexico risk premium overpriced or underpriced in the energy...
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(MEI 895, HOUSTON, 05/15/2019) — This report provides highlights of panelist presentations at the Mexico country session of the 2019 Offshore Technology Conference. The session was structured in two segments: Operators and Service companies plus the midstream regulator. In the first segment, speakers from Pemex, BP, Murphy Oil and Fieldwood...
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Talos Energy: From a commercial discovery to a commercial dispute (Extract)

Houston, September 20, 2021 –– Four years after making the largest commercial oil discovery in Mexico in a generation in 2017, the commercial expectations of the consortium led by Houston-based Talos Energy continue in suspense. A positive outcome in which Talos is the operator continues to be an elusive challenge...
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