Mexico Energy Strategy Forum to be held Oct. 5 at Four Seasons Hotel, Mexico City
All day long

This strategy forum will provide you with top-down analysis and discussion around Mexico’s energy reforms; the investment opportunities created by upstream development, and how best to confront the multiple challenges of implementation. The programme will also provide international context, to include analysis of Mexico’s competitiveness in the global market, the effect of oil price volatility, and open-market case studies from other major oil and gas producers. This conference is a not to be missed event for all current and future stakeholders of the Mexican oil & gas sector.

Speakers include:

  • Héctor Márquez Solís, Head of the Energy Unit, Ministry of Economy
  • David Madero, Chief Executive Officer, National Control Center for Natural Gas in Mexico (CENAGAS)
  • Gustavo Hernández-García, Director of Prospective Resources, Reserves and Associations, Pemex E&P
  • Loren Long, Managing Director – Mexico, Talos Energy LLC
  • Cleantho de Paiva Leite Filho, Director of New Business Development, Braskem Idesa
  • Alfredo Alvarez, Energy Segment Leader Latin America North, EY
  • Paul Hillegeist, President and Co-Founder, Quest Offshore Resources Inc.
  • Dr. Nansen G. Saleri, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Quantum Reservoir Impact (QRI)

And other high-profile speakers are being added all the time.

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