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Asking price: US $60,000

For 25 years, Energia.com has been the domain name regarding the suite of reporting and consulting services for Mexico Energy Intelligence™ and Baker & Associates, Energy Consultants.

Our company intends to migrate our online platform to another domain name that's recognizably focused on Mexico. And we discern that Energia.com is suitable for diverse markets to include:

• Oil and gas†
• Electricity industry
• Wellness Industry
• Nutritional Products
• Athletic Wear & Equipment
• Publishing

†There is a copyright for the use of Energia.com for reports on Mexico's oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Key stats about Energia.com

  • Energia receives more than 201,000 searches per month on Google®
  • Advertisers pay up to $5 per click to advertise under the Energia keyword
  • The site's top rank by most important pages, based on Page Authority (PA), an algorithm of link metrics, is 36.
  • Linking Root Domains -- 302
  • Top Ranking Keywords -- 38

Asking price: US $60,000

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