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Authorities review 2012 Hydrocarbon Agreement

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Houston, Aug. 16, 2018 (MEI 121) US and Mexican authorities review 2012 Agreement. the title pages to our reports on cross-border topics. Contact us for a bundled price for these reports. Call or text George Baker at 832-434-3928 (cell) for more information.

Does the Hydrocarbon Law offer the equivalent of a U.S. mineral lease?

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In this report, we ask a difficult question: do Mexico’s hydrocarbon laws provide the equivalent of a U.S. minerals lease for oil and gas? To answer this question, we first examined the terms and concepts in Mexico’s Mineral Law, where the legal figure of concession exists. We then considered the nature of a U.S. mineral Continue Reading

Joint Operating Agreement to qualify in E&P public tenders

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Oil companies routinely form equity associations that diminish the risk and cost of failure that any one company would face if it were to undertake an expensive project alone. Another reason is to pool the talents and resources of the partners, regarding, for example, the access to drilling rigs or the availability of manpower, amen, Continue Reading

Philosophy of language in Mexico’s oil legislation

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A dimension of Mexico’s Petroleum Narrative is the political control of the language in which the oil industry is described, regulated and administered. In the US-Mexico Transboundary Hydrocarbon Agreement of 2012, Mexican legislators coined a word to refer to oil companies: licenciatario, which meant, simply, “any person or entity that possessed a License.” This term conveyed Continue Reading

PAN Energy Proposal 2013

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Houston, August 1, 2013 During the course of more than 8 hours of wrestling with the PAN energy proposal (a document of 60-plus pages), I made progress on three fronts: 1) I made the document more intuitively accessible by reorganizing the extensive, introductory sections, putting them in the back as annexes. In this way, what Continue Reading

House approves resolution to implement 2012 agreement with Mexico; excludes Cuba

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In HR 1613, the House approved on June 27 a resolution that authorized the implementation of the 2012 agreement that had been negotiated with Mexico. The Act amends the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act by adding a new Section 32 that authorizes the Secretary of Interior to implement the terms of any transboundary hydrocarbon agreement Continue Reading

News Commentary: Bill Introduced to Approve Transboundary Hydrocarbon Agreement with Mexico

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HOUSTON, APRIL 20, 2013—For the past year and two months, the Obama administration has waited for the right moment to present the framework agreement for the development of cross-border oil reservoirs. The agreement had been negotiated with Mexico during 2010-11 and was signed on February 20, 2012. In December 2012, a report was issued by Continue Reading


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