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Two decades of anti-corruption in Mexico: 1998-2018

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(Public Policy Perspective 10058, Houston, March 6, 2019) This report examines the record during 1998-2018 of efforts directed to combat corruption and increase accountability and transparency. Table 1 lists the titles of these measures in chronological order. Table 2 sorts the titles by legal class (treaties, constitutional amendments, laws and institutional dispositions). Table 3 is Continue Reading

Anti-corruption in Mexican law and history

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(Houston, March 5, 2019) This report is the third in a series on anti-corruption in Mexico and Latin America. It introduces the legal and institutional frameworks that are designed to combat corruption in Mexico’s civil service. Attention is given to the Congressional Auditor’s Office (ASF), the Ministry of Public Service (SFP) and the Finance Ministry’s Continue Reading

A New Security and Development Model: Use of Mobile Internet

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(Public Policy Perspective 10056, Houston, 01/04/2019) — This report examines how the mobile internet, coupled with new surveillance technologies, could be employed both to fight Pemex gasoline theft as well as to raise expectations of residents by a program that offers high-speed internet and government-issued smartphones. Unlike the security initiative of the administration of President Continue Reading


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Houston, July 28, 2018 (MEI 10053) This report began as a search in the Mexican constitution for anything that would prevent the development of a secondary market in upstream leases, that is, new investors who would bring additional capital, talent and jobs to portions of existing CNH leases. For this, the original leaseholder must be Continue Reading

Unitization in Mexico’s oil and gas fields

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Unitization in Mexico’s oil and gas fields In July, Talos Energy LLC caused a stir in energy policy circles in Mexico when it announced that a reservoir on its block extended into a block held by Pemex. Normally, in such situations, the party into whose lease area the reservoir extends must show that it is Continue Reading

Energy Topics for NAFTA Renegotiation

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Energy Topics for NAFTA Renegotiation: What President Trump’s negotiators might propose HOUSTON — We have not yet heard from the Trump Administration regarding what topics, if any, there might be of concern in relation to energy in the upcoming NAFTA renegotiations; the list of 16 topics in Table 1 reflects concerns heard in Houston and Continue Reading

MEI 852 Midstream issues in NAFTA negotiations

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MEI 852 Midstream issues in NAFTA negotiations Need for greater market access and additional trade remedy measures HOUSTON — This report offers “Talking Points” for U.S. and Canadian trade representatives who are in the current round of NAFTA negotiations. The principal concern to be voiced is the lack of market access to Mexico’s motor fuel Continue Reading


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