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Two decades of anti-corruption in Mexico: 1998-2018

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(Public Policy Perspective 10058, Houston, March 6, 2019) This report examines the record during 1998-2018 of efforts directed to combat corruption and increase accountability and transparency. Table 1 lists the titles of these measures in chronological order. Table 2 sorts the titles by legal class (treaties, constitutional amendments, laws and institutional dispositions). Table 3 is Continue Reading

Anti-corruption in Mexican law and history

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(Houston, March 5, 2019) This report is the third in a series on anti-corruption in Mexico and Latin America. It introduces the legal and institutional frameworks that are designed to combat corruption in Mexico’s civil service. Attention is given to the Congressional Auditor’s Office (ASF), the Ministry of Public Service (SFP) and the Finance Ministry’s Continue Reading

Anti-corruption in Latin America

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(MEI 236 — HOUSTON, 02/05/2019) This report expanded considerably from our original intent to provide notes on the conference on anti-corruption in Latin America that was held at Rice University’s Baker Institute last Friday afternoon. For more information, plus the ability to download sample pages of MEI 236 and SFP Memo of Jan. 28, 2019 Continue Reading

A New Security and Development Model: Use of Mobile Internet

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(Public Policy Perspective 10056, Houston, 01/04/2019) — This report examines how the mobile internet, coupled with new surveillance technologies, could be employed both to fight Pemex gasoline theft as well as to raise expectations of residents by a program that offers high-speed internet and government-issued smartphones. Unlike the security initiative of the administration of President Continue Reading

Regulatory predictability in Mexico: the unsettling precedent of Juan Carlos Zepeda

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(MEI Report 883 — Houston, Dec. 17, 2018) This report provides an overview of accomplishments and setbacks that Mexico’s upstream regulator (CNH) experienced under Mr. Zepeda’s leadership. We consider the elements in play that could have led to a decision to continue in office until the end of his statutory term (April 30, 2019) or Continue Reading

George Baker at inauguration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on December 1

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(First Photo) George Baker at the Congressional Palace as an invited guest for the inauguration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on December 1. (Second Photo) Presidents, Prime Ministers, and the King of Spain were seated at the head table during luncheon in National Palace after the inuguration.

A New Security Model for Mexico: Make Love, Not War

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(Houston, Nov. 28, 2018, Market Note 232) This report provides highlights of the diagnosis of the causes of the precarious security situation in Mexico and of the incoming government’s program to restore the rule of law in Mexico. The 8-point plan reimagines the war on drugs as a challenge of pacification in the fashion of Continue Reading


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