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Outlook for gasoline pricing in Mexico

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Outlook for gasoline pricing in Mexico Retailer opportunity vs regulatory oversight Public Policy Perspective 10042.1 (Rev. 1) HOUSTON — December 13, 2017 This report incorporates information and insights from the workshop presented by Mexico’s Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) on December 6, 2017, at the Law Center of the University of Houston. The report builds on Continue Reading

Pedro Van Meurs critiques the CNH Model Contract for Round One

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BY GEORGE BAKER: HOUSTON PERSPECTIVE — Petroleum fiscal-system expert Pedro van Meurs released a 72-page critique–a vivisection–of the fiscal terms and rules of contract administration that are contained in the government’s Model Contract dated December 11, 2014. In our Market Note 201 we made an index of his concerns in our new report (Table 2). Continue Reading

Does the Hydrocarbon Law offer the equivalent of a U.S. mineral lease?

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In this report, we ask a difficult question: do Mexico’s hydrocarbon laws provide the equivalent of a U.S. minerals lease for oil and gas? To answer this question, we first examined the terms and concepts in Mexico’s Mineral Law, where the legal figure of concession exists. We then considered the nature of a U.S. mineral Continue Reading

“Roadshow” to promote commercial aura of Mexico

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HOUSTON — UT Austin, in the persona of the Jackson School of Geoscience, in which, a few years ago, Lourdes Melgar was a Fellow, supports the “revitalization of Mexico’s energy sector.” For the slides of the Houston roadshow on October 20, the link is At that event, there were upwards of 400 persons present, Continue Reading

The Senate’s Majority-Approved Hydrocarbon Legislation

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Did the days of debate change a single word? ON JULY 15, 2014, the Senate’s Joint Committee on Energy and Constitutional Issues released the text of the language approved by the majority of the committee. In the subsequent days, there were marathon sessions of debate. The session of July 19 was suspended at 02:45 of Continue Reading

Emilio Lozoya’s Inner Circle in Pemex

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This report identifies patterns of executive recruitment in Pemex, much of which is done in six-year, presidential cycles. Particular attention is given to presidential appointees and the formation of a leadership team around the Director General. Table 1 lists the members of the inner circle of Emilio Lozoya; Table 2 presidential appointees in Pemex Corporate; Continue Reading

Joint Operating Agreement to qualify in E&P public tenders

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Oil companies routinely form equity associations that diminish the risk and cost of failure that any one company would face if it were to undertake an expensive project alone. Another reason is to pool the talents and resources of the partners, regarding, for example, the access to drilling rigs or the availability of manpower, amen, Continue Reading


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