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Reimagining Mexico’s Hydrocarbon Law

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Houston, Aug. 20, 2018 (MEI 879) In a presentation in Mexico City on August 10, 2018, Dr. Fluvio Ruiz, a former member of Pemex’s Board of Directors and an advisor to the incoming MORENA administration, outlined his vision for the hydrocarbon sector. This report reviews the articles of the Hydrocarbon Law that will be reviewed. Continue Reading

Bilingual Glossary of ASEA safety guidelines for E&P

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Mexico’s Hydrocarbon Safety Agency (ASEA) was created by law in the Energy Reform of 2014 as an agency to provide public oversight over the entire hydrocarbon value chain, from seismic surveys to service stations.

Mexico’s Problematic E&P Safety Regime

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Mexico’s Problematic E&P Safety Regime Additional work needed for Macondo-scale regulation MEI Report 832 (Houston) The 2013‐14 Energy Reform in Mexico created a new agency that would be responsible for standards and compliance in relation to commerce in hydrocarbons. Unlike the United States and Norway, among other jurisdictions, where cognate agencies would be focused specifically Continue Reading

Inter-American Regulators Conference: Inventory of Issues

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Inter-American Regulators Conference: Inventory of Issues This report identifies themes and topics pertaining to hydrocarbon regulation that arose in presentations and discussions in the Hydrocarbon Regulator Conference, which was held at the University of Houston (UH) on Oct. 7, 2016. The report draws on panels on Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, also on the remarks of Continue Reading


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