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An interview with Juan Carlos Zepeda

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What should CNH tell the next Government? Interview with Juan Carlos Zepeda Mexico Energy Intelligence (MEI) No. 867 – An interview held with President-Commissioner Juan Carlos Zepeda on February 6, 2017. The topics cover items flagged in our earlier report that was issued on January 10 in which we imagined his responses to questions about Continue Reading

Economic impact of CNH lease auctions

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Economic impact of CNH lease auctions: A Credible narrative is needed HOUSTON, July 6, 2017: Public Policy Perspectives 10047 — This report raises general and particular questions about the auctions taking place under the banner of the Energy Reform of 2013-14. The topic of inquiry is the lease auction conducted by the National Hydrocarbon Commission Continue Reading

Glossary of CNH Model Contract for Round 1.2: New and old terms and definitions

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Glossary of CNH Model Contract for Round 1.2: New and old terms and definitions MARKET NOTE NO. 210 (HOUSTON) — Table 1 of this report provides a preliminary, bilingual glossary of some 160 terms and definitions that are used in the model contract for CNH’s second auction (known as Round 1.2). Most these terms are from Continue Reading

2nd Public Comment on CNH’s Draft Model Contract

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Improvements and shortcomings in the revision of March 25, 2015 Mexico’s Hydrocarbon Commission (CNH) on March 25th issued a revised Model Contract for Mexico’s Round One of public auctions for offshore petroleum blocks.

Pedro Van Meurs critiques the CNH Model Contract for Round One

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BY GEORGE BAKER: HOUSTON PERSPECTIVE — Petroleum fiscal-system expert Pedro van Meurs released a 72-page critique–a vivisection–of the fiscal terms and rules of contract administration that are contained in the government’s Model Contract dated December 11, 2014. In our Market Note 201 we made an index of his concerns in our new report (Table 2). Continue Reading

PAN Energy Proposal 2013

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Houston, August 1, 2013 During the course of more than 8 hours of wrestling with the PAN energy proposal (a document of 60-plus pages), I made progress on three fronts: 1) I made the document more intuitively accessible by reorganizing the extensive, introductory sections, putting them in the back as annexes. In this way, what Continue Reading

Doce años después: SENER

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Throughout 2012 we have issued a series of reports on the general topic of WHAT SHOULD ___ TELL THE NEXT GOVERNMENT? Reports of this type have been issued for CRE, CNH and PMI. Others are still in the oven. The report on WHAT SHOULD THE ENERGY MINISTRY TELL THE NEXT GOVERNMENT will be published shortly. Continue Reading


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