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Baker Institute 2013 Mexican Energy Reform Conf.

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Notes for the public record, by Stan Harbison During his residence in Houston (2012-14), Stan was looking for professional opportunities to apply his long experience as a New York oil market equity analyst. As an exercise meant to engage him in the debate about the Mexican energy reform, and as an example of his research Continue Reading

NAFTA @ 20 at the Baker Institute: Trade Pact’s Significance Is Debated

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The conference held on April 7 brought back together senior officials from the 1980s and early 1990s who were instrumental in the negotiation of the U.S.-Canada FTA as well as NAFTA. Today, there is no consensus as to the significance of NAFTA. Carla Hills cited the growth of trade statistics, but the numbers include intrafirm Continue Reading

The Baker Institute at Rice University

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THE BAKER INSTITUTE AT RICE UNIVERSITY offers a forum where academia, government and commerce can come together to report on, and discuss, current issues of public policy. In 2013, the Institute established a Mexico Center in order to encourage public focus on topics related to Mexico’s place in North America and the world. Energy is Continue Reading

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