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Baker & Associates offers niche-market business and policy intelligence related to Mexico's oil and gas, power and chemical industries. Over 1,000 reports have been issued in the last 20 years. Subject matter expert and publisher George Baker, who directs the firm, has carried out consulting assignments starting in the late 1970s at the height of the Oil Boom in Mexico. He brings bilingual and bicultural skill-sets to understanding and responding to challenges of business and public policy, coupled with a deep familiarity with the history and idiosyncrasies of the Mexican operating environment.

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Oil Missteps in Mexico, 1982-2018

(MEI 891, HOUSTON, 04/24/2019) This report takes aim at the “Pemex corruption argument” that is presently in circulation. The argument is that the deteriorated state of Pemex may be explained by a pattern of corruption during the so-called neoliberal period of 1982-2018. In this report, we interpret the present state of Pemex as a result Continue Reading

Methodological note

(Houston, 04/13/2019) One of our long-time and perceptive readers recently characterized our reports as “long-form journalism.” He added that his daily schedule is crowded to the point that he limits himself to reading reports of one page or less. We replied that the summary in most of our reports is meant to serve the needs Continue Reading

Two decades of anti-corruption in Mexico:1998-2018

(Public Policy Perspective 10058, Houston, March 6, 2019) This report examines the record during 1998-2018 of efforts directed to combat corruption and increase accountability and transparency. Table 1 lists the titles of these measures in chronological order. Table 2 sorts the titles by legal class (treaties, constitutional amendments, laws and institutional dispositions). Table 3 is Continue Reading

Anti-corruption in Mexican law and history

(Houston, March 5, 2019) This report is the third in a series on anti-corruption in Mexico and Latin America. It introduces the legal and institutional frameworks that are designed to combat corruption in Mexico’s civil service. Attention is given to the Congressional Auditor’s Office (ASF), the Ministry of Public Service (SFP) and the Finance Ministry’s Continue Reading

Scope and focus of anti-corruption in Mexico: A narrower scope than the public believes

(MEI 889: Houston, February 27, 2019) The anti-corruption campaign in Mexico has been designed to suit the sensibilities of those opposed to, or skeptical of, the neoliberal regime. This report offers an analysis of the scope, focus, and limitations of the anti-corruption campaign. We see the scope restricted to white-collar civil servants. The choice of beginning Continue Reading

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