George Baker

George Baker, Managing Principal, Baker & Associates

GEORGE BAKER is the founding editor of MEXICO ENERGY INTELLIGENCE, a Houston‐based newsletter that addresses matters of commerce, institutional development, law and regulation. In parallel, he directs his firm’s web portal: ENERGIA.COM, where visitors may read interviews with stakeholders and analysts, and download reports on topics of public interest.

Career highlights. He is regarded as an honest broker of international and Mexican concerns about energy policy and, in particular, about Pemex’s relationship to the global oil and gas industry.

In addition to preparing reports for paid subscribers, he occasionally writes in English and Spanish for other publications, principally ones in the U.S. and Mexico. An opinion essay on issues of energy reform was published in REFORMA (Mexico City) on October 24, 2013. An article on Pemex’s 2011 bid round for the redevelopment of mature fields was published in THE MEXICO LAW REVIEW (Fall, 2012). In another vein, an essay on the lessons of the Macondo accident appeared in THE JOURNAL OF ENERGY AND DEVELOPMENT (Spring, 2011). His articles on Mexico in OIL & GAS JOURNAL go back over 30 years.

Since 2020, his articles have been published in THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE on energy topics related to Mexico. In the Houston area, he has been a unique public voice to oppose the purchase of Shell’s controlling interest in the Deer Park refinery. He was interviewed twice in 2020 on the podcast TEXAS STANDARD.

Baker was one of two guests from Houston who attended the inauguration of President López Obrador on December 1, 2018.

He was a scheduled speaker on energy at the October 2021 meeting of the U.S.-Mexico Bar Association in Houston. (The panel was canceled, however, at the last minute).

Baker’s letter to the editor commenting on the regulatory mistreatment of TALOS ENERGY and the proposed purchase by Pemex of the Deer Park refinery was published in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL on October 29, 2021.

He is the leader of language‐proficiency workshops for oil and gas professionals who aspire to increase their proficiency in English and Spanish. He is a language coach on the fine points of Spanish and English pronunciation; for example, the syllables of “usted” are “us-ted,” not “u-sted,” as English speakers commonly believe.

Baker’s vocation as an energy analyst, consultant and language instructor grew out of earlier employment in journalism and academia. He learned much of the craft of energy journalism at LUNDBERG SURVEY, INC., in the Los Angeles area (early 1980s), where he was at first a researcher and later an editor.

Baker was the first Fulbright Exchange Scholar at Mexico’s National University (UNAM), where, in the School of Philosophy and Letters, he lectured in Spanish. Other academic appointments have been at California State University, Fullerton, New Mexico State University, and the University of Maryland, Far East Division, where he lectured in Japan, Korea and Thailand.

Baker holds a Ph.D. in history from Duke University and a M.A. in Social Sciences from California State College, Fullerton.

He is also the creator and leader of two language‐proficiency workshops for oil and gas professionals. His workshop on ADVANCED ENGLISH PROFICIENCY has been given in Pemex (Villahermosa and Poza Rica), IMP, CNH and CRE, among other organizations.

Download George’s CV.

Special Visual: George Baker’s artist-wife, Mary Baker, in 2021, painted a 15-foot mural of three street scenes on Coyoacán on the side of their patio, making their home in West University Place an art destination for Mexico aficionados.

Mary Baker, artist, paints Mexican mural


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